How to make a tatting shuttle

This one is made from Plywood, about 3mm thick. I am not uploading a template, as I hope to sell these, but you can make your own shape. I have made mine around 65mm (2 and a half inches) long.

1. Materials I used were: 3mm plywood. – electric drill – sand paper, both heavy and light – hand saw – varnish

2 Design your shape and trace onto plywood. Placement of holes and slots can also be made at this time.

3. Cut out shape with hand saw.

4. Drill pilot holes with a smaller drill first.

5. With a larger drill, drill a hole half way through the shuttle. Then turn it over and complete the hole. This stops it splitting the wood.

6. This could have been done at the same time as I cut out the shape, but I cut the slots at this stage. Then I sanded the whole thing with a rough grit sandpaper, and then with fine sandpaper.

7. To get it really smooth so their are no rough edges to snag the cotton onto, I varnish it twice, sanding it with fine sandpaper inbetween each coat. Hang it by a wire to dry. Water based varnish dries quite quickly too.


About fruitloopjanney

A 32 year old mum with a six year old daughter. A former signwriter who is still making a selling wall stickers from home on a small scale. I like to read old books and listen to old music. I've had a rough few years and have decided to make the most of the rest of my days. I am a christian, and I love reading philosophy, making art, playing my mandolin... and blogging.
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3 Responses to How to make a tatting shuttle

  1. TattingChic says:

    Great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beverly Elrod says:

    I wish I could play my mandolin. I have a guitar (which I can just BARELY play), a mandolin and a ukulele. I just wish that I had time to play. I’ve played my guitar once in the 8 months that I’ve been in Georgia and hadn’t played it for about a year before that. Sure wish I could find some time during my retirement.

  3. esther says:

    My gratitude is great I have two now and am happy with it.
    thank you

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