Dolly Donations – clothing patterns

This is a dolly pattern from the Dolly Donations blog . The pattern is free on the blog, mainly to be used to make and donate to orphanages in Haiti and other places, but is free to use as a gift, but not to be sold. I made up some clothes patterns which are also free for you to use, but not sold or the pattern claimed as your own. These include the sewing instructions within the files. Happy sewing 🙂

NOTE: I am having a bit of trouble with uploading my files… here is a link to the patterns from my website for now but the clothing patterns are also available on the dolly donations blog.


About fruitloopjanney

A 32 year old mum with a six year old daughter. A former signwriter who is still making a selling wall stickers from home on a small scale. I like to read old books and listen to old music. I've had a rough few years and have decided to make the most of the rest of my days. I am a christian, and I love reading philosophy, making art, playing my mandolin... and blogging.
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